Principles of Improv

At Nerd Improv we pride ourselves in offering workshops that push the collective comfort boundary while simultaneously maintaining an emotionally safe environment for each participant. We drive reflective learning as much as stomach-wrenching laughter. Learning alongside laughter. Learning through Laughter.

We leverage playful activities as an opportunity for staff development. Sushi making and drunk bowling are fun! What makes Nerd Improv different is that we make sure each participant is fully engaged, and that colleagues leave feeling that they know each other better. Takeaways are framed around our guiding Principles of Improv.


Active Listening

Listening, actually, without thinking of what to say next. It’s harder than you think


Creative Thinking

Recognizing structures that prevent innovation. Thinking outside the box.


Permission to Take Risks

Creating emotionally safe environments. Celebrating mistakes. Learning from them.


Group Support

Sharing responsibility of the final product. Accountability meets camaraderie.