Who We Are

Josh Bukstein

  Josh looking serious

Josh looking serious

Nerd Improv was founded by Josh Bukstein in 2012.  His passion for improv and its transformational potential is well documented

Josh has spent his life improvising, with 14 years of experience in improv. Starting with warm ups to drama performances in high school and college, he has always enjoyed the light-hearted and high energy of improv. Studying improv for the last 14 years in San Francisco and Chicago, Josh has performed, received instruction and evangelized the powers of improv through such notable improv organizations as:

  • Bay Area Theatre Sports
  • ComedySportz
  • Improv Olympic
  • Second City
  • The Playground
  • The Annoyance Theatre
  • Chicago Improv Festival
  • Snubfest Chicago
  • End Games Improv
  • San Francisco Improv Festival
  • Moonlighting SF

His current improv group is Chicken Scratch Improv, a short form team with quarterly performances around San Francisco.

He has over 14 years of experience in a variety of companies, large and small. From restaurants to real estate to technology to energy consultants, he has seen it all. He uses this vast real-world experience to customize programs for companies.

Danny Yadegar

  Danny talking to a friend

Danny talking to a friend

With over 10 years of improv performing, Danny Yadegar joined Nerd Improv in 2016. Danny sees improv as an excellent way to let loose and have fun. He also sees improv as a practice in mindfulness, awareness of body language, and as a way to improve communication and deepen relationships. To Danny, improv is as much a tool for team building as it is a tool for personal developments

Danny also brings years of experience from the nonprofit, for profit, and government sectors that allow him to best tailor team-building workshops to each of these unique environments. He understands well how the principles of active listening, creative thinking, and team support lead to sharper negotiators, higher productivity, and happier employees. He deeply, deeply, wishes that his previous jobs hired Nerd Improv!

Danny has a Masters Degree in Urban Planning from MIT.