"Not only was our Nerd Improv workshop FUN, but we also left with some really valuable skills like learning how to be vulnerable and take risks, celebrating failure, and listening and communicating better. Four stars! Two thumbs up! All the good things! :)"  Lindsay Jean Thompson - Co-Founder - Women Catalysts

"Josh was great at getting the team to let go and have fun. Improv is very applicable to our jobs" Kim Driver - Admissions Manager - General Assembly

My team was a bit wary about the workshop before it started but once it got going they all got into it and had a lot of fun. I think everyone walked away with some new skills and new understanding of their colleagues."  Amy Muller - VP of Customer Care and Community - Automatic Labs

“Dedicating an afternoon to practicing improv was such a great experience for our team. Everyone (everyone!) had a blast. Josh was excellent at guiding us into a space that was safe and playful. He clearly knew exactly what was needed at the time. Would highly recommend it.”  Linzi Breckenridge -Sr Content Marketing Manager - Vertical Response

“Josh immediately grabbed the group’s attention and refused to let it go.  Not one person even reached for their phone during the entire event.  Every single person was 100% engaged.  That is a testament to both the content that he delivered and the method in which he delivered it.  We all walked away relaxed, connected, and inspired by the fact that our individual two cents can impact a group dynamic for the better.  We entered strangers, and left as a team.  I have yet to see another program that can do that so effectively and with so much zest.  Thank you Nerd Improv!”  Erin Vomocil, CMP - Director of Education & Events -PCMA Northern California Chapter

"Working with Josh was awesome. Our team which was about 70 people really enjoyed the experience.  In terms of content delivery, he covered why improv was useful for the work environment and how it could be useful in communication. What my team took away was laughter, the reduction of barriers between teams, a sense of vulnerability and understanding someone else's perspective. I know my GM was super happy with the activities, connections people made and people being able to laugh at each other no matter how senior they were." - Joel Hardy - Senior Sales Manager - SurveyMonkey

"I would rate it highly. It was really fun -- everyone engaged (introverts + extroverts) and laughed a lot. It added energy to our team rapport. We still talk about some of the stuff we did that day. Some of the more cautious / introverted folks became more extroverted afterwards -- I suspect because they felt safer in communicating openly after seeing their coworkers be open / vulnerable / funny." - Zach Berke - CEO - Exygy