Linzi Breckenridge
Vertical Response

Dedicating an afternoon to practicing improv was such a great experience for our team. Everyone (everyone!) had a blast. Josh was excellent at guiding us into a space that was safe and playful. He clearly knew exactly what was needed at the time. Would highly recommend it.

Jen Pi

Danny and the team's energy was infectious and they were able to moderate effectively despite there being 100 of us. They were able to organize the activities in a way where we would change up the group dynamics and size to keep it dynamic, and personal. The activities were unique, and helped to build new interaction patterns based on openness, respect, and an awesome shared experience. It was really exciting to see colleagues come out of their shell, and step outside the routine of the heads down, day-to-day that can affect us all. The team really enjoyed the takeaways in being better active listeners, pushing ourselves to be uncomfortable, taking risks, and developing more empathy for one another. The activities and learnings will be valuable tools to take with us to our everyday that I believe will help increase our presence and engagement with each other, and ultimately boost productivity, personal/professional fulfillment, and fun factor :)

Ellie Hardy

Nerd Improv did such a good job reading my team and adapting the exercises to fit their energy.  We laughed so much and I saw so many personalities coming out of shells! They are totally professional and really understand team dynamics and how the improv exercises relate to day to day work.

Kimi Hein

This was the straight-up-best-event we've ever had -- and we've done archery tag, bubble soccer, ping pong playoffs, guacamole competitions, karaoke, film fest ... everything. One person said they were going to try it out and leave after five minutes. He rocked it the whole time.

Jay Thomas

Our workshop was more than just fun.  We learned a lot of new things about one another's communication styles, senses of humor, and the way we think. We went in assuming we knew each other pretty well -- and left with a new appreciation for each other.