Our Locations



The sky was filled with heavy fog. San Francisco. Nerd Improv was born.

Coast to Coast

We’ve grown rapidly since our founding. Nerd Improv now has coaches based out of three cities - San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Whether you’re looking to do a workshop for 5 people or a group of 150, we have the coaches to make it happen. Mountain View or Palo Alto? We’ll be right over. Washington DC? We were there a couple months ago! We haven’t made it to rural Nebraska yet, but we’ll get there. Let us know where you’re thinking to do a workshop.

Where, exactly?

Our workshops are remote. 90% of the time we come to your place of work - No props, no prob! All we ask for is an open space large enough to accommodate your full group standing in a circle. We can even do workshops outside. If you need to book a venue, we’ll be happy to put you in touch with a handful of our favorites. And when the place is booked...all you have to do is show up.